Video/Audio: Advancing Regional Equity  --  2005 Conference Recordings


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2:45 to 4:15 pm:

Monday, May 23, 2005
Workshop Series Two
Trends in the Field 

Food for Thought: Regional Access to Healthy Foods

The availability of affordable, quality fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods determines dietary choices, well-being, and influences local economic development. This session showcased innovative strategies to improve access to healthy food, including: efforts to help rural Latino farmers resist the commodification of water and ensure sustainable agricultural practices; a colorful mobile market that brings healthy food and nutrition education to residents of an underserved neighborhood; a health maintenance organization that hosts farmers’ markets for their staff and plan members; and a successful policy advocacy effort that secured $100 million to bring grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and healthy corner stores to residents in underserved neighborhoods across Pennsylvania. Audience engaged in discussion with speakers and session participants about how efforts to secure healthy food can transform the physical and economic health of communities and regions.


  • Loel S. Solomon, National Director for Community Health Initiatives and Evaluation, Kaiser Permanente


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