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Position Paper:

A Call to Action Creating Economic Opportunity
for Bay Area Marginalized & Safety Net Communities
By Carl Anthony and M. Paloma Pavel, with Chris Schildt


     a resource kit for building healthy and just communities

June 2020: Experiencing the tragic violence of America’s broken promises:

Image from a news report in the Guardian.com newspaper

George Floyd — Killed by police
while in custody and handcuffed

New Village Press announces Carl Anthony book:
The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race
In this work, Carl Anthony shares his perspectives as an African-American child in post-World War II Philadelphia; a student and civil rights activist in 1960s Harlem; a traveling student of West African architecture; and an architect, planner, and environmental justice advocate in Berkeley. He contextualizes this within American urbanism and human origins, making profoundly personal both African American and American urban histories as well as planetary origins and environmental issues, to not only bring a new worldview to people of color, but to set forth a truly inclusive vision of our shared planetary future.  read more…

from MIT Press: a major review of metro equity innovation

“As we re-imagine the future of our cities and of the planet,Breakthrough Communities offers proven strategies that demonstrate that every voice matters. These are grounded visions of hope and possibility, where social justice forges a new road for economic and environmental sustainability.” —  Danny Glover

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MIT Press
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Position Paper:

Planning healthy communities for people of color in California in response to sustainable communities and climate protection act (Calif. SB375)

By Carl Anthony and M. Paloma Pavel, PhD

Breakthrough Communities April 2011 Newsletter

MIT Press Interviews Breakthrough Communities Team (podcast)

Growing Smarter overview of metro equity issues, edited by Robert D. Bullard, from MIT Press


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