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Breakthrough Communities Newsletter  No. 11  April 6, 2011   (back to home page)

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Climate Change Video
Article by Anthony and Pavel
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6 Big Wins SB375 Workshops
Eco Justice Film Series

Carl Anthony
Paloma Pavel
 on Climate Change

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HiAP Exec Sum Images
Image from the Executive Summary of the Health in All Policies Task Force Report to the Strategic Growth Council


F E A T U R E D   A R T I C L E

Carl Anthony
& Paloma Pavel
on the Opportunities 
Associated with the 6 Big Wins

The concept of "Healthy Communities" appears to be catching on, but health equity issues of land use and transportation appear harder for decision makers to act upon.

 LA highway interchange

Highways Create Health Inequity


Our work with the Six Big Wins and community-based organizations during the past year has resulted in a way of orienting community-based organizations toward significant opportunities. There are huge potential health equity outcomes needing cultivation while engaging in the SB 375 process.   


Breakthrough Communities has developed a number of innovative communication strategies for engaging underrepresented constituencies in processes for building healthy communities.



Recent Breakthrough Communities Events

Eco Justice
Film Series Panel

Film Series Panel - sidewalk

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Breakthrough Communities


Planning Healthy Communities for People of Color in California!



San Diego Skyline



Climate Change,

Sustainable Community Strategies

and Health Equity




San Diego County Region May 21, 2011


Sonoma County Region June 4, 2011


Sacramento County Region June 13, 2011


"...an African American born in West Oakland can expect to die almost 15 years earlier than a White person born in the Oakland Hills."






As part of a grant from The California Endowment, Breakthrough Communities is engaging people of color throughout California in informing and implementing Health in All Policies (HiAP) Task Force recommendations in order to respond to the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act (SB375) and address health disparities caused by land use and transportation policies.


Breathrough Communities has gathered information on health disparities in five metropolitan areas across the state and engaged in dialogue and planning workshops about SB 375 with NGO leaders of social movements and representatives of vulnerable communities. With Gamaliel of California we are co-creating workshops in both Spanish and English designed to reach these communities by developing and distributing a Climate Change, Sustainable Community Strategies, and Health Equity toolkit for use by community groups in the SB375 process that highlights the "6 Big Wins" and generates concrete policy recommendations that address the fatal disparities from which our communities suffer.


Please join in, add your voice and your story, and help create the political traction that can save lives and make a future for the generations that follow. 


We gratefully acknowledge our funders in support of this work: The California Endowment, the San Francisco Foundation, the Angeles Arrien Foundation, the California Health Department, and the San Diego Foundation.

Integrating Health and Equity into Sustainable Community Strategy Planning (SB 375)


Webinar May 18, 2011      11-12:30 pm PST  

with Carl Anthony 

offered by

California Department of Public Health


Senate Bill 375 created a unique opportunity to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create healthier communities. Former Governor Schwarzenegger created an Executive Order mandating that all state departments should implement "Health in All Policies" as a core value. Breakthrough Communities has been a member of the "Kitchen Cabinet" advising Dr. Linda Rudolph, Deputy Director, California Department of Public Health, Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. The implementation of this policy also bears on the  redesign of local transportation and land use planning. Learn more about this wide reaching law and hear how local health departments and community advocates are collaborating to ensure that the sustainable community planning process incorporates broad health and health equity goals. Introductory remarks by Carl Anthony of Breakthrough Communities. Presentations by:

  • Robin Salsburg, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Law & Policy
  • Tracy Delaney, Chronic Disease & Health Disparities, County of San Diego, Public Health Service

Registration Link







Breakthrough Communities is collaborating with the HiAP Taskforce to document a series of public dialogues on  transportation, Climate Change, and Healthy Equity.  



Breakthrough Communities Social Justice Film Series

One innovative strategy for regional community engagement focused on transportation justice

On behalf of The City of El Cerrito Environmental Quality Committee and the League of Women Voters of West Contra Costa County, Breakthrough Communities brought to the Cerrito Theater an Eco-Film Series that packed the house. We screened local filmmaker, Gabriela Quiros', documentary Tango 73: A Bus Rider's Diary. This film illustrates the vital importance of public transportation in urban areas by exploring one transit corridor and the people whose lives are shaped by the bus schedule and the elements. A series of short films engaged the audience in a riveting journey from the challenges of public mobilization to a visionary metropolitan experience of Bogota's transit innovations. We hope your rode your bike, and took advantage of the Free Bike Valet Parking, or came by public transit.

Film Series Panel 20110312 

The screenings were followed by a panel moderated by Paloma Pavel, Ph.D. with vigorous community dialogue engaging experts on public transit:

    Janet Abelson, former mayor of El Cerrito and transit advocate (featured in the film)

    Gabriela Quiros (the filmmaker)

    Carl Anthony (Breakthrough Communities)

    Anthony Rodgers (AC Transit Bus Driver)

    Chris Peeples (AC Transit Board Member).


The event was co-sponsored by Breakthrough Communities, Earth House Center, Marvin Gardens Real Estate, Richmond Spokes, Rialto Cinemas Cerrito, TransForm, Genesis, Public Advocates Conference of Minority Transportation Officials, and Transportation Action Partnership.


Please join us for future films in this series on topics including food justice, climate change, land use, and health equity. 


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