National Random Kindness Week events

When: February 9th-17th

Where: All around the world.
February 9th-15th is National Random Acts of Kindness Week, and February 17th is Random Kindness day. This year we are launching the 20th anniversary edition of Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty,  with a new foreword by Desmond Tutu. The re-release of the book is accompanied by our global

Random Kindness Community Resilience Project, 
building justice and resilience throughout vulnerable communities in the face of climate change. Book proceeds go to climate and nuclear refugees from Fukushima.


In an age of climate crisis, this work is a call to community action to create a world we want, a world based on principles of sustainability and justice.
For more information about Random Kindness and the Community Resilience Project, visit:
To purchase a copy of Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty (available in 10 languages), click here.
Thank you to all of our guests, friends and colleagues who attended and helped plan and coordinate Random Kindness book signing events!
-Sunday 2/8 10AM Talk @ Soul Center, Newport Coast Community Center
-Sunday 2/8 Newport Community Book Club (contact: Kathy Schlesinger
-Weds 2/11 9AM City of Berkeley 100 Resilient Cities Meeting
-Fri 2/13 9AM UC Davis Book Launch Forum
-Tues 2/17 National Random Kindness Day event to honor Random Kindness Community Resilience s/heroes — event details TBD, stay tuned!
In solidarity,
Carl Anthony and Paloma Pavel Breakthrough Communities